Who We Are:

We are a network of independent thinkers from African republics, independent countries from Africa and members of the African diaspora communities. We are united by commitment to the progress of African nations and republics.

We are business owners, students, educators and professionals.  We are from a wide array of countries and nations but we share a love, more a passion, for Africa.  Some of us call China our home now.  We want to make sure that our new home deals with us justly and deals with our pride, our African people justly.


Focusing on ideological and mindset change, devoid of political entanglement, we are poised to create this, our first community of independent thinkers who believe in a CAN Afri .  Our plan is to create working models to take back to our communities that work, while retooling those ideas, creating more successful models, sharing those within our network, learning from successes and failure and continuing to build the Africa we chose.

Our Purpose

We are ready to assume responsibility, and embrace emancipation from mental servitude and take our independent nations into the future of AFRICA, to begin and to create states of freedom where there is a climate of economic growth that is currently missing in many parts of Africa – save from external influences.  We want free, independent flourishing countries and republics in Africa.

Origin and Destination:

Neocolonialism requires a new Pan-Africanism, That is the very reason we wish to explore and modify those ideologies that propelled Nkrumah and other visionary leaders to stand against the imperialist of their time.  While studying these models of the past, we need to also be creating new models for communities that work.  We need to create new technologies and innovations that serve our populations and not companies looking for new consumers.

Our enemies are more and sophisticated than those of their time, for the proclamation “we face neither the East nor the West was prophetic; for when that pronouncement was made the East wasn’t this strong (we were rather busily helping the East to rise). When the East rose it now appears that they saw Africa as a wounded giant, suitable only to be preyed upon.  We being here now in the East, experiencing hostilities and being aware of situations that have begun to spread throughout Africa, feel that we must organize ourselves spiritually, physically and mentally.  We must be the black stars that will light and lead the way for a new Africa. “Neo-Panafricanist from the Orient” we must rise with the Sun.


Preliminary symposium:  this month is the African month where we as a group will put our voices together.  We will launch the movement during the 3rd week of this month.  We wish to invite two speakers (one from the US and the UK), who will come together with us to offer their opinions to the collected body.

From this point we will continue to make plans of specific programs we can support which will move our ideas forward.  These should be tangible ideas that will support the mental growth of our communities, which will help strengthen our new movement and which will lead to economic progress in our African nations, benefiting the people of these respective nations and not politicians and public servants before benefiting the people and raising the standard of living and the overall power of the nations of Africa.

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